Acceptance again

Yes!!! Another year of Google Summer of Code in the embrace of ScummVM! I just can’t express my happiness and my gratitude towards the team that they accepted me again! 🙂

My project this year will be CGE2 engine. As you might have guessed, in some way it’s an improvement to our already existing CGE engine. The truth is that they will probably share a lot of code, since Soltys (the game which uses CGE) and Sfinx (the game which will use CGE2) are very similar in a lot of major parts (for example: management of graphics, sounds, scripts, texts), but they also have a lot of significant differences (for example: Soltys has only one controllable character, while Sfinx has two, and a more complicated inventory system to support them.)

To get a better overview of my project, you can read my proposal, and as the work will go on, there will certainly be a ScummVM Wiki page for the engine, where you will be able to track my progress. Also I won’t forget about this blog neither, I’ll keep it up-to-date with at least one post per week.
So the system is the same as the year before. I hope I’ll have as much fun this year as I did in 2013. 🙂

If everything goes fine, I’ll start working on my project this Thursday, so watch out! 😉