Yesterday, I became a full member of the ScummVM team! I just can’t describe how grateful and proud I am right now. It’s really like a dream came true for me. 🙂
This isn’t strictly connected to my project, but it’s so important for me, I knew I must share it in this blog as well. Many thanks again to everyone who supported me during this long journey! And I am still so far away from the end… 🙂


Yes, Avalanche engine is finally merged into ScummVM’s master! Hurray! 🙂
It’s just a brief check-in, since nothing monumental was added to the engine during the opening of the merge request. Strangerke and me (mostly him) only did refactoring and rearranging of the code and a lot of bug fixing. But there’s still a lot to do and a lot to implement, of course. 🙂
I want to say thank you especially to wjp who helped us a lot of during the debugging and many thanks to every member of the team who helped our work with their constructive criticism!
Hopefully next time I will be able to tell you that another part of the game (the help section, or the main menu) is implemented. See you until then!