Yesterday I got my e-mail from Google: my project is among the accepted ones, I can participate in Google Summer of Code this year! I just can’t describe the happiness I felt then. It’s something like a dream came true for me.

So this is my very first post in my very first blog, where I will describe my progression during GSoC in 2013. I hope it will be as much fun to read as I think it will be to write.

My project (in a nutshell) is the following:
I have a detailed plan for the next few months and I hope I will be able to accomplish everything I described earlier. On the other hand, I don’t take ScummVM as a one-time thing, so it won’t be a tragedy if I don’t finish my project by the end of September. (But of course I will try my best to do so.) I’d really love to stay in the community and become a developer myself with this engine, and later with other projects. I think the organization’s goals are great and I am proud that I can contribute to the success of it.

The actual coding will begin by the 17th of June, so I’ll start posting regularly by then. See you later, my dear reader! I hope we’ll have a great summer together! 😉

P.S.: Sorry for my English well in advance – I am not a native speaker and never been the best with the language itself.