Merged #2

Yes, yes, yes! 🙂 CGE2 engine is finally merged, the fruit of this summer grew ripe! 🙂

This week I was busy with fixing issues regarding my merge request and other problems reported by Coverity. Also, I found the sound system of the game still pretty buggy, but after a day of work, it finally works as intended. Other than that, the engine is really complete now, we are only waiting for a decent translation, and that’s all, it will be free to download from our site. 🙂

About Avalanche: as I said, I started to work on Avalanche engine again. This week I spent my time with the objectifying of the dropdown menu’s code, and now I can say that even if it’s not perfect, but it’s much cleaner than before and easier to read. Now, during the remaining two days of this GSoC, I plan to implement the keyboard handling of the dropdown menu. We’ll see if I’ll have enough time for that…

Now only the end of the program remains, so I’d like to say to you guys as a closing a big thank you for this another great summer! I am especially thankful for the work of Arnaud, Paul, David and Thierry. I wouldn’t be here without you guys!

I am still very proud to be a member of ScummVM. 🙂