As Google Summer of Code officially started on yesterday, I started the actual coding as well. The amount of code is still frightening a bit, but with the help of my mentor and enough tenacity, I am sure I will succeed.

Looking through the automatically converted sources (made with PtoC) and adding the standard header to the files (with the awesome help of License Header Manager for Visual Studio) and a namespace for my engine took up most of my Monday. Luckily, I am a bit more familiar with Git by now, so using it didn’t cause me any troubles.
My plan is now to make the converted sources more readable using Artistic Style, then add an empty engine to my work and hook it into ScummVM. You can read more about the procedure here. (And I hope soon here, in my blog as well when I am finished with it.)
There is still the problem of the missing ROOMNUMS.INC, but I think we’ll be able to get through it, thanks to this great wiki the original author made himself to help the porters. (Especially with the help of this page.)
By the way, if you are interested in my work and would like to follow it a little closer, you can find my repository on GitHub, where I “commit early, commit often.”