GSoC Final Report

Welcome! Google Summer of Code 2022 has now ended, so this post will wrap up everything that’s been done and what is left to do. The branch of my repository with the latest code for The Immortal can be found here: What has been done – Initial analysis of the source code and ScummVM… Continue reading GSoC Final Report

Weekly Update – Text Rendering

Welcome   As shown above, text rendering is now implemented enough to display the introduction to the game. It’s kind of neat, because every time I had tested the game ever since implementing the logic system, it was trying to display this introduction sequence. It was just calling a function that couldn’t render text until… Continue reading Weekly Update – Text Rendering

Weekly Update

Welcome Just a quick update tonight. We are nearing the end of the program, with the deadline being September 12th. However, I have decided with my mentor to extend the timeline by an additional two weeks. The reason for this, is that the engine is only just now getting sprite drawing implemented, and with an… Continue reading Weekly Update

Mini Update

Hi, Just a quick update from the last one. I did several commits on Tuesday to finish implementing flameSet and get ready to start on sprite drawing. I am in the process now of translating the sprite drawing, however I will be away for a few days (back on Monday), and I will not be… Continue reading Mini Update

Sprite Art

Welcome Yes, the title is a pun. Today I’m going to talk about sprites in The Immortal. And to do so, I have some art (diagrams). What is a Sprite Sprites are quite interesting, because they fundamentally differ between consoles and computers of the time. On a comparable game console like the Super Nintendo for… Continue reading Sprite Art