Translating Assembly

Welcome Back! Since the last post, I finished translating the decompression routines, experimented a little with displaying an image, and looked further into the structure and program flow of the game. However before diving further into that I thought it would be a good time to make this post about the process of translating Assembly… Continue reading Translating Assembly

ProDOS File System

The first week of the coding period is over, and there a few things to talk about. ProDOS File System Last week I talked about how The Immortal is stored as .dsk files formatted as ProDOS. Since ScummVm did not have a way to read ProDOS specifically, the first thing that needed to be done… Continue reading ProDOS File System

Create_engine and Git

Just a small update for now: Create_engine The first step in working with the current engine was of course to make sure the current code was functional. However upon integrating the Joefish Immortal branch into my fork, I found that the code had several compilation errors seemingly connected to the metaengine system. Luckily, there was… Continue reading Create_engine and Git