Week 6: Working on stuff related to resource loading

This week, I mostly worked on the 2 issues that I mentioned in my last week’s blog post.

I started off with the resource checksum implementation in ScummVM. VWCF Resources in D4 and later have a checksum and use an algorithm to check that. The algorithm was reverse engineered by djsrv and sev. These changes have been merged to master.

This functionality is important for implementing saving and loading of movies in D4 and later movies. There was a prior discussion with sev and djsrv (though it was very brief), but we would be implementing movie save and load in the engine too. sev said that he will see whether it will fit into my GSoC time line or not. Given that there are a lot of weeks left, this might happen.

The next issue I picked up (and am working on currently) is loading the resources based on the parent-child mapping given in the KEY* resource instead of just loading the first resource in the map.

Have a look at here. In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned about the multiple casts in D5 and later movies, where the concept of shared casts is obsolete. Currently, we are assigning Chunk 1D 1024 to the current movie. So children of 1024 are actually children of the current movie. Taking the case of castmembers, castmembers owned by parent ID 1024 are actually castmembers in the _loadedCast.

I plan to remove the usage of getFirstResource and change them all to the indices read by the KEY* parent-child mappings. This would be an improvement to the resource loading of the engine.

I have some tests going on at my uni, so I might have erratic work hours on some days. But I would continuously work the issues and push my work.

Looking for a great week ahead of me!

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