Concluding Post

This blog post is the culmination of my GSoC 2022 journey.
This summer, I worked on the ScummVM Director engine, where I completed the STUB code in the engine and worked on fixing various issues in it and bringing it more in line with the original working, thus improving the compatibility of games (D4 and older).

This is a list of the Pull Requests I created during the summer in ScummVM. They completely describe each issue they are supposed to fix/implement. My initial work was with the STUBs. Here is a list of STUBs that were resolved.

Next, I worked on the various issues encountered in certain targets of Director Engine which get updated on this Trello board. This board also contains the open issues of the Director engine.

I also created a couple of test movies to gain a better understanding of the internals of the original Macromedia Director. They can be found here.

It was a great experience working with the ScummVM Director devteam (sev, djsrv, rvanlaar, mstea, moralrecordings and all the other devs). I consider myself privileged to have contributed to such a popular and well-maintained open source project. I learnt a lot of things this summer from this awesome experience.

Since director is an ongoing project and the plan is to support games till D7, I will be sticking around and contributing to the Director engine (and ScummVM) after GSoC. I would love to continue being a part of the community and volunteer in the project.

A huge thanks to my mentors sev and djsrv (and the devteam) to help me out throughout the duration of this programme and answering even my dumbest queries with patience 😀

This is the concluding post of my GSoC journey. I loved the project and the people and would continue to be a part of it. Thank you everyone 😀

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