WEEK 8: Finalising KEY* and update

This week, I tested and finalized the KEY* Pull Request. It is good to be merged now, and shouldn’t be adding any regressions.

moralrecordings streamed a playthrough of  Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong Nou on this twitch link. It seems that this game now runs much better than it did 7 months ago, that means that support for D4 games is getting better.

My first task for this week is to look in the BITD rendering regression for 8bpp. sev pointed me towards this commit, this did enable the BITD rendering for 32bpp mode. I have been advised to retain the 8bpp rendering which worked before this change along with the 32bpp which works after this, while introducing no new regressions.

This week, there wasnt much progress, as I had some interviews which ate up a lot of my hours. But that is over now, and I will resume work full time now on the tasks. The next issue in line would be fixing text in buttons in 32bpp, and I would move onto other issues then.

Looking for a great week ahead!

WEEK 7: Resource loading from KEY*, looking at text rendering in 32bpp

This week, I completed the resource loading from KEY* chunks. This change implements the correct loading of the following chunks:

  • CAS*
  • VWCF
  • VWFM
  • FXmp
  • Fmap
  • VWTL
  • STR
  • Lctx
  • Sord
  • VWLB
  • VWFI
  • VWSC
  • VWAC

Earlier, we were just looking for the first resource of these resource types and load them. But these resources are owned by the movie, and the right way is to load them from the KEY* resource.

Now, I am looking at these issues:

I am taking a look at the widget of Button castmember to check the text in the widget in 32bpp mode and other modes.

I had a crazy week full of tests, so I didn’t have a lot of progress this week. But I am happy to have passed the Mid evals, a huge thanks to sev and djsrv for that. It was made possible with their help.

Looking forward to a great week ahead!!