WEEK 5: Working on window properties

This week started with me finishing the Windows fonts changes. It required some changes in a lot of assorted places. In the process, I broke the desktop mode of director engine (It gives a black screen with a warning now), I am taking a look at that.

My older PRs also got merged this week, with the offset rect one still being open (I didn’t do the changes. I am also having a look at that now)

After this, I had informed sev that I won’t be able to do a lot for a couple of days, as I was travelling back to my university. I am here again.

After this, I picked up working on the window properties: https://trello.com/c/g1BaUzXz/292-missing-window-properties
I had wrestled with this in the past for a brief period of time, but I didn’t have any success. Thankfully, sev had directed me towards the code that made the first property I worked on, the titleVisible, fairly straightforward. Then I followed suit for modal, fileName and windowType (the last two still need some work)

I am not able to test my changes with the window properties as I have run into some issues with BasiliskII, where it is not opening other dictionary movies. But I can get this fixed, or maybe make my own movies for testing, while having the changes as draft PRs 🙂

I plan to pick up Calculate Movie Checksum (https://trello.com/c/BpdScbbQ/501-calculate-movie-checksum) and Use KEY* More (https://trello.com/c/sHMquaRS/500-use-key-more) next. According to sev, Movie Checksum calculation would be fairly easy to implement. And using KEY* chunk mappings would solve a lot of missing resource issues we currently encounter in ScummVM.

This week’s progress was mediocre at best. I had to travel and was not in the best of health, but I hope to (I must) have better progress in the coming weeks.

Looking ahead to another exciting week!!!

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