WEEK 7: Resource loading from KEY*, looking at text rendering in 32bpp

This week, I completed the resource loading from KEY* chunks. This change implements the correct loading of the following chunks:

  • CAS*
  • VWCF
  • VWFM
  • FXmp
  • Fmap
  • VWTL
  • STR
  • Lctx
  • Sord
  • VWLB
  • VWFI
  • VWSC
  • VWAC

Earlier, we were just looking for the first resource of these resource types and load them. But these resources are owned by the movie, and the right way is to load them from the KEY* resource.

Now, I am looking at these issues:

I am taking a look at the widget of Button castmember to check the text in the widget in 32bpp mode and other modes.

I had a crazy week full of tests, so I didn’t have a lot of progress this week. But I am happy to have passed the Mid evals, a huge thanks to sev and djsrv for that. It was made possible with their help.

Looking forward to a great week ahead!!

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