Hello world!

Hi Everyone!

I am Pragyansh Chaturvedi and I’ll be a part of ScummVM’s GSoC 2022 cohort. I am excited to work with the ScummVM dev team this summer and this blog is an outline of what I’ll be doing.

I would work on extending support for the Director Engine in ScummVM, particularly support for Director 4. Implementing the Lingo STUBs would be the first step.

I have picked up 2 targets to work on. Meet Mediaband and The Journeyman Project. Meet Mediaband has a few glitches/unfinished work which needs completion. The Journeyman Project needs some work to be completeable.

The next 3 weeks is the community bonding period in which I would be discussing the scale of my goals with my mentor and the dev team and getting up to speed with work.

The Director Engine is being actively developed and would enable a host of new games to be played on ScummVM. The team and my mentor sev have been very helping to be in my contribution period and I am looking forward to an exciting summer ahead of me.

I would be posting regular gists of my work throughout the summer. So expect more details in the coming blogs!

Thank You

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