Official Coding Period Begins!

The GSoC coding period has begun, and I have some tasks in my kitty for the week.

Starting with the updates from last blog. I got the MENUREF working! The Pull Request for same is opened. I also implemented the Text and Font related STUBs.
The Discord user hsrtron#3373 had translated a D3 game (The Seven Colours: Legend of PSYS City) but this had some issues, with a wrong color palette being the most evident one. While ScummVM had most of the palette implementation required to use custom palettes, there were some missing links. After changing a few things, we could run the game with its intended color palette!

I talked to sev about my apprehensions of making different git branches for every task, and turns out its fine!

Also, I got added to the Trello board of the Director Engine so I can pick up the ToDo tasks from there and complete them. Link

Now my tasks for this week: Complete the implementation of window properties. I would try to do this soon. And then move on to making all archive types to dump all movie chunks.

Looking for a great week ahead!!

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