Working on STUBs

The community bonding is going on, and I managed to push some work on unimplemented STUBs for director engine in till now.
The first issues I picked up in this period were of implementing the move cast command and the findEmpty builtin function. I completed them and then moved on to the Menu properties.

I implemented the MENUREF datumType to generalize the setting and getting of Menu, Menus, MenuItem and MenuItems properties in the existing setTheEntity() and getTheEntity(). Changes to MacMenu and MacWindowManager were done to accomodate these changes and remove duplicacy of code. While the lingotests and workshop movies passed the changes, the BUILDBOT failed on some Director Games. I would fix these as these properties are used in a lot of targets.

I then resolved a couple of small issues (stageColor and b_union) and sev then asked me to implement font-related properties (kTheFont, kTheTextHeight, kTheTextStyle, kTheTextSize). The setters of these properties were taking wrong inputs and I implemented the required functions.

The changes described in the last two paragraphs are under review. I have submitted Pull Requests on them and can be seen here.

One thing I am guilty of – not having a single seperate branch on my fork to which I make commits. I usually make different branches for different issues I work on to isolate them from other changes I might make on other issues. I will make a dedicated GSoC branch on my fork so that all my commits can be viewed in a single branch.

That was all, thanks for reading!

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