First Week!!

This week was quite eventful. sev assigned me some tasks in the Trello board for the director engine. I have shared the link to that in my previous blog post.
I first tried my hands on the window properties task that was assigned to me on Trello. I had some progress in finding the cause of the issue, but didn’t have any code to push (this was the first day of the week). So I kept it for later and started working on the STUBs in the Director Engine codebase. A github gist of the STUBs.

This gist doesn’t contain some STUBs I had implemented at the first day of week. Still, it has all the ones that are unimplemented. I will add a strikethrough to the ones that are done.

This week I created 19 Pull Requests. 14 of them are merged. 4 are open and 1 is a draft (Though that will be open tomorrow). 18 of them were implementations of STUBs. The lingo properties now don’t have STUBs (yay!) (Actually one is left, but I have figured that out. Need some sleep and then will push it)

I also refactored the RIFX Chunk dumping so it dumps all Archive chunks now.
You can see all my PRs for the week, sorted by last updated here.

I had 2 non productive days this week. One was when I had some mild fever and was exhausted. Second was my birthday, I turned 20 this week. So there wasn’t much progress these days.

But seeing how things went this week, I am sure that I can implement all the STUBs in Director Engine’s Codebase next week, which would be inline to what was my goal for the first two weeks in my proposal. Then the issues won’t be about missing code in Director, it would be about wrong code. So it would be all about resolving bugs in various targets like Meet Mediaband, The Journeyman Project, Spaceship Warlock.

Speaking of targets, hsrtron playtested The Seven Colours : Legend of PSYS City. There were a few issues with the target :

  • Wrong palette in the corridor (This is an issue while importing palettes from sharedCast)
  • Animations are quite fast at some places
  • Not being able to leave the first level (sev identified this as an issue of not checking for punycoded file paths)

These issues have been documented on the trello board. sev also pushed a quick fix for the game’s cursor. Seems like this target is also being one which we would be using to fix the Director Engine and will make it work just like the original.

So this would be another target for me to tackle in my coding period. This week, when I get done with the STUBs, I can start looking for the source of bugs in the targets I mentioned in my proposal. I can also finish my trello tasks one by one (as they are identified bugs)

Looking ahead to an even more eventful and productive week!

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