Charm of OpenSource

Charm of OpenSource hi hi, some simple talks here. Not really related to GSoC. Few days ago, sev told me that some one fixed my previous work of debugflags. I’m really surprising. I checked that PR, and got astonished that there are others helping me with those codes. It’s really rare chance for me to… Continue reading Charm of OpenSource

2021/6/14 First Week

2021/6/14 We are at the end of the first week now, and i’m going to write a summary here for the tasks that i do in the past week Previously, i fixed the selection of mactext, and implement the basic text operations to mactext. so then i started to fix the text castmembers in director.… Continue reading 2021/6/14 First Week


2021/6/11 Still in the first week of GSoC, this blog is a record for a problem which confused me over day, and finally solved with help of sev wish to write more blogs which can help me with the communication skills let me describe more detailed here. few day’s earlier, i was on a task… Continue reading 2021/6/11


2021/6/8 First day of GSOC This is my first time to write a blog in English, hopefully there won’t be many mistakes which will confuse others. Because of the school stuffs, i didn’t managed to give a lot of time on ScummVM in past few weeks. But since GSOC is start now, i will treat… Continue reading 2021/6/8