Begining of JourneyManProject

Begining of JourneyManProject.

Hi there, it’s me again.

Like i said in the last week, this week would be the week of fixing JMP(JourneyManProject). Surprisingly, we have made a lot of progress.

Last week you won’t even managed to pick up an item, but after a week of fixing. You could even use the transport keycard to use the transport machine.

First let me post some pic here.

Although the progress may get a little bit slow comparing to warlock or l-zone, but we are making progress everyday. And i believe with the help of the guys in the group of developing director. We will finish this game eventually.

Ok, then let me make a summary of the progress i’ve made last week.

First thing is fix updateStage, allow it to do the same behaviour like we are switching the frame. And this will let me get rid of the link from castmember to widgets, which also will prevent a lot of invisible memory issues.

Then i’ve fixed some text related properities and functions. Also while fixing the jman, i’ve using dictionary in basilisk to guiding me to the correct behaviour. And that allows me fixed a bunch of lingo commands.

I’ve fixed BITD decoder, and while i was doing that, i found in D4 the green channel and blue channel are reversed. 🙂

And last two days. i was working on the cursor and palette, which has confused me a lot. For now i’ve use the defaut mac arrow to replace win custom cursor. And i’ve also fixed the implementation of the inverter. It will behave exactly the same as the one in basilisk.

This week, since sev is going to announce supporting D2, i will fix some regressions in warlock and l-zone. And while doing that, continue fixing JMP as well.

BTW, even the JMP is really complicated game, i still very like it, especially when i managed to fix the intefaces. It’s like the cyberpunk 2077 in 1990’s

Last week for GSOC, let’s go.

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