Begining of JourneyManProject

Begining of JourneyManProject. Hi there, it’s me again. Like i said in the last week, this week would be the week of fixing JMP(JourneyManProject). Surprisingly, we have made a lot of progress. Last week you won’t even managed to pick up an item, but after a week of fixing. You could even use the transport… Continue reading Begining of JourneyManProject


L-ZONE Hi hi, another week passed. Let me make a summary for the work i’ve done in the past week. Mostly, i’ve been fixing l-zone. And yes, l-zone is playable now. I’m not sure that the games is totally get rid of bugs, but it’s very close to the complete version. So maybe we can… Continue reading L-ZONE

Make Buildbots Green

Make Buildbots Green Hi hi, another week passed. Really fast doesn’t it? First something about game, i’ve tested the lzone-mac, which is a fantastic but quite short game of D3. Mostly, lzone is playable. You can wandering around in lzone yourself and finish the game without any difficulty. But there is still some issues in… Continue reading Make Buildbots Green

Polishing Week

Polishing Week This week, what i mostly done is fixing the minor details in director. I’ve implement playing the sub-looping sounds which will bring us the perfect sound playing for warlock-win and warlock-mac. And another very exciting thing is Jaderlund is willing to help us test the warlock in director. He had find some really… Continue reading Polishing Week

Spaceship Warlock

Spaceship Warlock Last week, i’m not able to do much works, but i’ve already gone back home now. So i’m ready to boost my self this week 🙂 I wrote a blog a few days ago, which recodes the process of how i implement and fix the external sound for director. Check this: BEGIN This… Continue reading Spaceship Warlock

Almost There

Almost There last week, i got a little bit distracted by school stuff. But this will end very soon since i will come back home this week. The main goal last week is continue testing and fixing warlock. So most of the time, i’ve been wandering in warlock to find the graphics issue. After locate… Continue reading Almost There

The Way of Fixing Warlock

The Way of Fixing Warlock this post may get a little shorter, and i will write another one for supplement later last week, i finished fixing the puppets. And head to fixing the game — spaceship warlock first, i fixed the text style for text castmember, which will distinguish the fixed text and auto expand… Continue reading The Way of Fixing Warlock

Events and Puppets

Events and Puppets hi there, another week working on ScummVM. I’ve finished final exam this wednesday. Thus, i’m managed to working on ScummVM for nearly a week. A not that happy message is we’ve started summer term just from today, which may get me distracted. But i will still put my center of gravity on… Continue reading Events and Puppets

Interface First

Interface first hi hi, back here. another week working one ScummVM. due to the final exam, i didn’t work whole heartly on ScummVM in the past week. But exam-period will come to end in a few days. So no worry is needed. I just read the npjg’s blog yesterday. And found a lot of useful… Continue reading Interface First