Hi hi, another week passed. Let me make a summary for the work i’ve done in the past week.

Mostly, i’ve been fixing l-zone. And yes, l-zone is playable now. I’m not sure that the games is totally get rid of bugs, but it’s very close to the complete version. So maybe we can wait for publishing this version and see how players would say.

After done with fixing the events while playing transition, i’ve fixed the BITD decoder for D3 and enhanced invertChannel to support inverting the QDShape.

Then with sev’s help, i managed to flip 8bpp images for QuickTimeVideo. that really resolved a lot of issues in l-zone. Then i’ve fixed the rle decoder to cope with the overflow problem.

After that, the l-zone is almost done. And then i started the last game which is not playable in buildbot – Journeyman project.

First i implemented and fixed the timeOut related operations. That will help us no longer stuck at the intro stage.

Yesterday i’ve implemented other lingo commands which was used in jman. And also i’ve fixed the 16bpp and 32bpp BITD decoder for D4.

I found that jman is a very complicated project which use a lot of lingo commands to control the game. That demands a very correct implementation of lingo commands. So i started to refer to the dictionary in basilisk and start to fix lingo commands.

That work continues till today. I’ve checked most of the commands that jman will use. But still we didn’t get the correct behaviour. I think that was related to the updateStage and other combinations of lingo commands.

Fixing this game is quite a big challenge which may even harder than the game that i fixed previously. This time i don’t have the original version of the game. So it will be difficult to know what does the game exactly want to do. So it will cause the process of analysing problems more difficult. I still need to guess where exactly the problem is and print the logs to verify my conjecture.

I can tell that next weeks will be hard. But don’t you think that resolve hard and abnormal problems will strengthen us. So let’s do this.

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