First day of GSOC

This is my first time to write a blog in English, hopefully there won’t be many mistakes which will confuse others.

Because of the school stuffs, i didn’t managed to give a lot of time on ScummVM in past few weeks. But since GSOC is start now, i will treat ScummVM as the first priority thing in next few months.

I think this first week would be familiar with director. sev had gave me some tasks for me to get familiar with director. I have confidence to finish dealing with those tasks and reading the director manual sooner. I think this period should be past very quickly.

Here i want to summerize some of my past work to remind me to hardworking for the following days. Most of my time of working for ScummVM is to dealing with MacText. And for now, the MacText can behave very well. And i think this should be the point where i cut into the director.

Then is the debug flag feature, this task shows me how the ScummVM is working with those games and engines. Through this task, i had a chance of having an overview of ScummVM. Also during working on that feature, i made a lot of mistake. But sev and other devs helped me fixing those bugs, which really surprised me a lot. I felt the charm of open source projects by this experience.

And next would be MacBorder. sev taught me about how to drawing 9-patch images, and guided me a lot while i was doing this work. During that time, i learned a lot of stuffs that i can never learn from school, such as, git operations, code styles, comments and code readabilities. I benefited a lot from this task, and it opens the door to the open source projects for me. Also gave me the confidence to be the member of open source community.

Most importantly, this project makes me realize i still got many things to learn and to do. So let’s move on.

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