Polishing Week

Polishing Week

This week, what i mostly done is fixing the minor details in director.

I’ve implement playing the sub-looping sounds which will bring us the perfect sound playing for warlock-win and warlock-mac.

And another very exciting thing is Jaderlund is willing to help us test the warlock in director. He had find some really good problems which guide me to implement a better support for D2/3. And i believe with his help, we can support D2/3 this summer.

I’ve played l-zone for sometime, and looks like that game is quite ok for now. I will give a whole test this week to see whether it’s performing well. And if so, i think we are very closing to completing D2/3.

I’ve finished the different font style supporting. e.g. italic, shadow.

And also fix the gray item and checked item in menu.

check this pic

I’ve fixed some implementation of lingo commands. e.g. puppetSounds. And that give us more correct behaviour for sound in direcotr.

I’ve also fixed the implementation of invertChannel. previous our coordinate calculating is wrong.

check this

director in scummvm can even behave better than the one in basilisk now 🙂

I’ve fixed render the text shadow, which also gives us the correct behaviour in majestic.

Today i’ve implement some lingo commands and fixed the font kerning offset.

Those works are small but really need someone to fix. So i would like to be the guy to polish the director and fix those minor errors. 🙂

Looking forward to the supporting of D2/3. See you next week.

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