Charm of OpenSource

Charm of OpenSource

hi hi, some simple talks here. Not really related to GSoC.

Few days ago, sev told me that some one fixed my previous work of debugflags.

I’m really surprising. I checked that PR, and got astonished that there are others helping me with those codes.

It’s really rare chance for me to see those codes which has been optimized based on my code.

Needless to say, it’s really a good chance to learn though those codes, and also with the reason about why to optimize.

Actually i can’t express my moods when i was seeing those thing. I’ve gained a lot though those days. With only 3 month, the abilities of coding, cooperating, expressing has improved a lot. And also there are goods friends who helped me a lot. Sev guided me from the very begining. He gived me a lot of advices about the coding, and most importantly, He taughed me how to be a good programmer. sluicebox and djsrv are helping with reviewing my codes and make improvments. There are also rvanlaar, rootfather and others. I want to be one of devs, and help to contribute to ScummVM.

I would like to say, this place is somewhere we can stick to with a very long period. We can know very skillful people here. We can gain happiness when we coding and creating something interesting. And we can learn knowledges and exercies here.

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