Make Buildbots Green

Make Buildbots Green

Hi hi, another week passed. Really fast doesn’t it?

First something about game, i’ve tested the lzone-mac, which is a fantastic but quite short game of D3.

Mostly, lzone is playable. You can wandering around in lzone yourself and finish the game without any difficulty.

But there is still some issues in lzone, and up to now, most of those issues are related to incorrectly handling of videos.

if you don’t mind, you may finish this game with seeing some animations played unside down. And fixing those video related problems will be my main task next week. And we could say, we are very close to supporting D2/3 now. 🙂

check this

Said thing is, which is also inevitably, while i’m approaching the nearly completed director(i mean D2/3), the bugs becomes more hard to fix. Because we need to prevent from introducing the regression. So i may get slower while i’m proceeding.

Another exciting thing is this week, we have make the buildbot all green in dictionary. Which means most of the basic thing is implemented now, And we can easily detect those hard regression though buildbots now.

It’s very interesting to implement those lingo commands. I opended the lingo book, lanuched basilisk and check the original’s behaviour. And then implement it in ScummVM. Then i pushed the code and buildbot get one more green. 🙂

It may be very simple to implement those basic commands, but it can bring you really a lot of sense of achievements.

Last week, while implementing the lingo commands, i’ve also find a lot of description of the current implemented stuff which behaves not that correct. And i’ve also fixed most of those. e.g. list style button and dialog style button.

I’ve also implement the menu and text related commands which is easy for me since i’m really familiar with it.

Next week will be l-zone week. See you next week.

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