Almost There

Almost There

last week, i got a little bit distracted by school stuff. But this will end very soon since i will come back home this week.

The main goal last week is continue testing and fixing warlock.

So most of the time, i’ve been wandering in warlock to find the graphics issue. After locate a problem, i will try to reproduce that and check the original one in Basilisk. Then i will try to fix it. So the coding work may not that much.

Mostly, those are small behaviour problems and we need to amend it carefully to prevent regression.

A good news is i finally managed to find the bit which controls scaling the bitmap castmember. And with that, i think i can deal with sprite dims very well now.

And other small issues such as palette resolving problem, offsets in BITD decoder, different fg and bg color for rendering test castmembers, and some version check problem.

After fixing those issues, the rendering problem in warlock is mostly fixed. And we can finally managed play warlock from begining to the ending. lol!!!

I’ve head for testing warlock-win yesterday. And surprisingly, i didn’t met any render problems so far.

And i’ve also completed my very first task at the director, fix pathMakeRelative, and that also gives me the permission to testing warlock-nec. But saidly, the warlock-nec is a D4 game, which i didn’t handled too well now. But with the short time for testing that Japanese version, i found most of the rendering problem is just the different behaviour between D4 and the previous version. djsrv has implemented the japanese support for macfont, thus, i think fixing warlock-nec is not a hard problem.

I’ve also implement scaling matte sprites. Since i’ve implement scaling bitmap castmember, so that task is really easy. But the effect it brings is really amazing. look this blood tear

Today, i started fixing sound for warlock, remember i memtioned that i stubbed fplay last week. I’ve just implemented that with sev’s help. Even there are some small issues left, but the warlock-mac is not muted anymore. And i believe those problems will be solved very soon. So i think maybe in this week, we can bring a complete warlock-mac out.

i will post some pic here 🙂

finally met with stella

looking forward to the complete warlock. See you next week.

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