The Way of Fixing Warlock

The Way of Fixing Warlock

this post may get a little shorter, and i will write another one for supplement later

last week, i finished fixing the puppets. And head to fixing the game — spaceship warlock

first, i fixed the text style for text castmember, which will distinguish the fixed text and auto expand texts.

Also, i think that would explain the reason why director treat the dims of those text cast members so strangely. Because they are auto expand text, so their dims would change.

With knowing that, we could now give the appropriate way for dealing with those text castmembers.

Implementing immediateSprite just like puppetSprite.

Removing changing the original sprites when we are setting the properties of sprites. That would allow us keep the original sprites unchanged. And we won’t need to restore it after we using the puppets sprites.

I’ve fixed some issues for drawing quick draw shape, especially the problem relate to linesize.

I’ve modified the way we are drawing the inverted channel. That will allow us to highlight those sprites correctly. check the pic below


And while dealing with those thing, i found a problem relate to the transition and highlight button. In the Basilisk, looks like the button and the transition is seperate. The button won’t affect and won’t be affected by the transition. Also the events should not be blocked. this should be fixed in the future.

Then comes the problem of dealing pic data streams. We are not implementing the BITDDecoder correctly. after a day (or maybe two days) of experimenting. i finally got the solution.(the reason i take so long i think is the lack of experience). And we finally managed bring captain warlock back again.

You know what. There is a girl, a green girl in stambul, Dancing in the bar. And she has the magic power which can turn herself bigger when she shows up.


And it’s the bitmap cast member scale problem. Fortunatly, i got the similiar implemetation in window.cpp, so i write a scale code for drawing the bitmap castmembers which are smaller than it’s initialRect. Also don’t forget to scale the registrationOffset.

After done with that, we can managed to see the original size of that green girl.

And there is some detailed problems which is not necessary to said here.

After those problems were fixed, the render problem which i’ve discovered and posted on trello board were all fixed.

And then i gone to the lift problem. That finally show as an behaviour problem. After checking the documentation, i resolved that one.

And after that, i managed to go further for testing warlock. I’ve fixed some small problems while i was continue testing.

And today, i’m stucked on a issue related xobjs. So i changed my view and implemented some operations of text field and text chunk field.


I think that problems should be fixed sonner. And i will continue testing warlock. Since sev has told me how to open the warlock in emulator, the problems become more clear and precise. And i believe i will bring the warlock (with no sound) sooner.

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