Goodbye GSoC ’21! (GSoC Summary)

I took up the task of developing a grid based GUI for displaying games for ScummVM as my GSoC ’21 project. Work done All of the weekly progress reports are available on my blog [], the single PR (237 commits) containing my work is linked here []. In this post, I will provide a summary… Continue reading Goodbye GSoC ’21! (GSoC Summary)

The Unfinished Business (TODOs)

The TODO list that is longer than the list of goals in my project application Code related fixes / improvements [Highest priority] These are all the things which either I left unfixed or picked the suboptimal solution because I wasn’t willing to spend more time on the problem, or the problem involved messing with the… Continue reading The Unfinished Business (TODOs)

Implementing grouping in Grid View (Week 8 progress)

Task 1: Rendering “Groups“ I had already acquired the technology to group elements in array form, and the grid internally uses a linear array to store the entries as well. So “forming” groups is borderline copy paste. So I can easily add a generic “attribute” parameter to the struct (which may well be some already… Continue reading Implementing grouping in Grid View (Week 8 progress)

More grouping methods (Week 7 progress)

Task 1: Sorting and formatting group headers Pretty much the title. I implemented sorting by title, and the functionality for adding prefix and suffixes for group headers. For the fold icons, lephilousophe, another ScummVM dev, wrote the code for drawing horizontal triangles, which when merged will work nicely with the list. Task 2: More grouping… Continue reading More grouping methods (Week 7 progress)