Finishing it up (Week 10 Progress)

Task 1: Fix filtering on grouped list widget

When I added the grouping functionality to the widget, I had not removed the bugs that had arisen while filtering the list. I fixed those bugs.

Task 2: Add filtering for grid view

I added the filtering functionality to the grid. Although currently extra-helpful features like quick-dictionary select is not yet implemented. Although in a grouped view, where games are not in alphabetical order (the groups are), quick select is not feasible.

Task 3: Improving icons for platform and language.

Lastly, I created some more platform icons, a new icon for the generic EN locale, which is visible in above screenshots. I also added the ability to provide the size of flag and platform icons from the theme.

Instructions for installing the icon pack

NOTE: This icon pack will be provided in a more accessible manner for the future. But for now it will require some manual setup. , including building my fork of scummvm repository (for now).

1. Build the grid-launcher-test branch from

2. Download the file from the following link:

3. Extract the .zip to someplace convenient.

For instance I have extracted the zip to a path as shown in the image

4. Then set this path in Options > Paths > Icon Path.

NOTE: You may have to reload the grid by either relaunching the application, or switching between list and grid view, in order for the new icons to show up.

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