Clean up work (Week 5 progress)

GSoC Phase 1 Evaluations

The Phase 1 evaluations are set to begin from July 12th. As such the last week was spent creating and working on a Pull Request. After two days of rest at the start of the week, I created a draft PR, and after the first round of review by sev, started working on resolving most of the issues that were brought up. There is no set task list for this week so I will just list the changes –

  • Removal of the custom grid theme and added the grid to the modern and remastered themes.
  • Make it so that navigating away from the tray closes it, so that game specific commands can be selected from the launcher. This is a nice compromise till non-modal dialogs are figured out.
  • Add a variable to theme to detect if grid is supported by the theme.
  • Several formatting fixes and followed recommended coding conventions.
  • Refactoring bits of code.
  • Adding a configurable path for fetching icons from.
  • Load all of the supported languages and platform names from global lists stored in language.cpp and platform.cpp. I still need a public domain source for platform icons, though.
  • In relation to the above, language and platforms are stored in the grid items as enums which were already defined in the code base.
  • I hadn’t realised it earlier since the .svgs were sneakily being used, but the .bmps generated by default in GIMP weren’t in the correct format for the BMPDecoder, so I just recreated the 15×15 icons using good old MS-Paint.
  • Finally, cleanup of leftovers from when I was just messing around with the code, and had lots of warnings and commented out code for debugging.

That’s all for this week. I wanted to make the grid deliverable first rather than add features to it. This meant leaving out the task of grouping game variants together under one grid entry.

After the evaluations I will continue adding more features, building towards the next milestone task which will be to add categorising, filtering and sorting of entries based on publisher, platform, series, etc.

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