More grouping methods (Week 7 progress)

Task 1: Sorting and formatting group headers

Pretty much the title. I implemented sorting by title, and the functionality for adding prefix and suffixes for group headers. For the fold icons, lephilousophe, another ScummVM dev, wrote the code for drawing horizontal triangles, which when merged will work nicely with the list.

Here is the list rendering with the patch

Task 2: More grouping methods, and a way to switch between them

The groups can be selected from a dropdown on the top
Currently available grouping methods

I went ahead and implemented few simple groups, which rely on nothing more than the scummvm.ini configuration, later down the line, we will need to download and pass the ScummVM database of games to the launcher so that we can make more interesting groups like “By Publisher”, or “By Series”, etc., as well as provide better headers instead of abbreviations. e.g. instead of “queen”, it would be better to have “Flight of the Amazon Queen” in the above screenshot.

The full database may be found on this Google Sheet : ScummVM Data

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