Making use of games database (Week 9 progress)

Task 1 : Adding more grouping methods

Just like with the grouped list, the next task is to get more groups working with the grid. I added a popup widget to select the grouping method and added few more grouping methods.

Task 2: Fix formatting issues

In the last picture, 2 things are very clearly wrong, there is way too much space in the middle, and the entries are trying to draw themselves outside of their bounds and on top of the scrollbar. What is not visible here is that counter-intuitively, clicking on the triangle does nothing, its not part of the header. So I fixed all these formatting issues.

Also some additional formatting to group headers

Task 3: Use the ScummVM database to improve the grouping

As mentioned in my last post, ScummVM maintains a database of games, both as a Google Sheet, and in .YAML format in the scummvm-web (website) repository. I was able to grab the .YAML files and convert them to .XML with some Regex, then use the implemented XMLParser to inherit a MetadataParser class to read in the database. This allows us to display fields which aren’t captured in the config.ini file, and to provide full names to fields of which only ID’s are stored in the config.

Sort by Series
Sort by Engine, now with full names


  1. Are you going to keep the US flag to denote “English”? Only, you know, English actually comes from England.

    This wouldn’t normally be such a big deal, but in ScummVM, most games that denote a language simply say “English” but there are a few such as some of the Humongous Games that specify “English (US)”. Most do not. This would indicate that the default “English” option is not US English.

    1. The icon was a placeholder. There are 3 English locales supported by ScummVM. The EN_US uses the US flag, the EN_GB uses the UK flag, and the generic EN locale was being denoted by a custom icon on the old ScummVM site. The old ScummVM website used an icon combining US and UK flags to denote EN, as can be seen here : . I wanted to do the same thing but since all flag icons are SVG, and I had no knowledge of how to create SVGs, I wasn’t able to make an icon back then (even now I just messed around in Inkscape till I merged the icons). The icon pack I will be releasing with my next post will contain the updated icon for the generic EN locale.

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