A hot tip for future me

Edit the file ~/.zshrc (or ~/.bashrc, depending on which $SHELL) and set an alias for everyday commands. Remember to do source ~/.zshrc to allow changes to take effect. alias sometext=’go_to_scummvm_directory && ./configure –diable-all-engines –enable-engine=engines_under_development && make -j10 && ./scummvm’ and this alias sometext=’cd /scummvm_directory’ However it goes without saying that even with the best tools … Read moreA hot tip for future me

Hello World (Again)

I wanted to clone someone else’s open source repo, and while setting it up I ran into building blocks of Github that I should’ve documented last year during GSOC, so I’m writing them down as reference. It will be very short: Documentation How to start: 1. Set up SSH here. https://docs.github.com/en/authentication/connecting-to-github-with-ssh/about-ssh 2. When cloning with … Read moreHello World (Again)


I’m so happy to receive the letter of completion for GSoC 2021. If you have been following and replying to my PRs & messages, thank you so much for supporting me through the process. The past week has been for something else. Hopefully tomorrow is another new day & start for working on TTS.

Final Code (Originally From a Page on My Blog to Submit to GSoC Evaluation on Aug 23)

Time to put all the work in one place! ✊ Requirements from GSoC goes like this (only relevant guidelines are shown) It must be easy to identify the work you have done. Someone else should be able to use the content at (or referenced from) the target of the link to extend your work. If … Read moreFinal Code (Originally From a Page on My Blog to Submit to GSoC Evaluation on Aug 23)