Evaluation Week Wrapup

When the project was accepted into GSoC, although I wrote the proposal, I had no idea how it would go.

Although I have been around for 1-2 months, I did not understand how engines worked. To search for text, I I had to figure out where is text is printed from, without being able to search for it.

Griffon was the only engine that had text written in the code. For the rest, it seemed so out of reach.

At the very start, I barely understood any code when working with Dreamweb, and even after Dreamweb, I felt the same when working with SCI too.

Searching became a big thing. It went like shooting darts into the dark.

It was not obvious to me, that I am getting better at reading code everyday, and I am better and better at finding text and giving TTS.

Until one day I started doing TTS for Soltys, and although at early June I couldn’t understand anything, it turned out to be easier and readable. What used to take me a week or two, I could finish it under one night.

This is pretty exiting, especially when thinking about what it implies.

Although I’m not sure at all if all the games can get merged within this week, if nothing goes incredibly wrong with SCI and two other engines, I should be able to finish the project ahead of time, and give TTS to more engines.

I am hoping to wrap up all the games I have done through this week. Hopefully, not totally in the dark anymore.

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