Weekly Update

It has been a long week. Let’s look at all the games considered for TTS together. The last few are new candidates.

Dreamweb (DW) – I’m hoping to wrap-up and make it ready for review in a day or two.
I tried to implement DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself) philosophy in the code, but it seems to me that the TTS function is itself already concise.
After contemplation, I think it’s better to proceed with the work we already have.
I’ll look again in case there’s something I can see as a problem before requesting a review, and I would also like to think over how to do TTS for subtitles.

Laura Bow 2 (LB2) – I’m hoping to test again and open the PR with Castle of Dr. Brain
A small thing is that I think the way TTS is happening when quit game menu appears isn’t that nice (it’s repeating itself). The fix here is essentially just finding different places to put TTS Man so it would say quit only once.
I’m coupling the question with the DB, so it’s only done when both of them are done.

Castle of Dr. Brain (DB) – I’m hoping to fix a TTS problem and then open the PR
I recall that there’s a problem with the as well. I haven’t played the game into further progress as well, so it’s easier to I’m taking a look again and opening the PR with LB2.

Laurabow1 (LB1) – In a tricky condition
The code that controls the pause and play of the animation in in the Serria script, so it isn’t likely that we would be able to pause for TTS Man to talk. I’m thinking about making it talk faster when it’s anticipated that it isn’t going to finish, but that seems tough.
I’d like to work with this after other games have been treated.

Soltys (CGE) &
Sfinx (CGE2) – Merged ❤️

Sword 2– Skipped
Although the version of Sword 2 I’ve played didn’t have speech when I was writing my proposal, the version available for download on the official website now does. So I’m canceling this to do something else.

Nippons Safe
– Ready to work, but still trying to understanding how to play
At first I wasn’t even able to play it, now I can play it up to a point that most of the text shows up.
Although I’m still not able to replicate walkthroughs I saw on the internet, it’s should be okay to start coding.

Dragon History – Finding text
As said. I think something’s wrong because I’ve put a debug print message in many places. Hopefully the problem would go away soon.

Mystery House &
Hugo’s House of Horror – Do we need TTS?
It seems that both the games are controlled by keyboard text, which means that one would need to read to play them after all.

Mission Supernova &
Teenagent – Have yet found game in ScummVM version

Beneath A Steal Sky (BASS) – Almost finished adding TTS
The missing parts are
1. In the intro of the floppy disk version, there is a discrepancy between the pace of the TTS and text.
2. Have TTS to each of the branching script when the cursor moves over to them
(Should be tricky. Might need to redo the whole TTS thing except detection. Definitely worth it though)

Thanks for watching. See you next week. Happy coding.

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