With 5 Weeks Left

Over the week, not much has happened in terms of the sentiment of this project, so I think I’ll start with something easy.

Last week I came in touch with the developer that’s the expert of SCI

Here’s a *summary* of our funny dialogue

“Hi, I’m working on giving TTS to SCI”
: I’ve been wondering for some time (before you started) whether if it’s even possible to make SCI work with TTS. “sounds hard!” i thought, “i’ll believe it when i see it!”

“For all the engines I could’ve picked. This is so lucky.”
: haha same here, “of all the hobbies…”


I’m just kidding. I’m really happy I looked into the engine and got TTS to work with LB2 & DrBrain both game and demo already (I think…).

Working on SCI actually made me a better person. It’s also the same sentiment when working on the project in general.

Sometimes I don’t know if I can find some variable or make some feature come true , but there isn’t a decision to do or not to do.

It’s a decision already made. Which makes it pretty easy to do something that I would skip under normal conditions.

Regardless of what comes out, or the fact that I am dreading that it’s not going to work, I guess I’ll have to stop running away, and try a little longer.

p.s. Although this has nothing to do about GSoC: it have been about 2 months after Taiwan’s outbreak happened (A week before this blog started). I can’t believe within just 2 months, my whole family had got there queue, vaccinated. That was so fast. Let’s not compare Taiwan’s government’s productivity with mine!!!

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