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Breaking down the project. It looks like this

  • Play the game
    First make sure I know how to do basic navigation, the look around for text to give TTS
  • Find text in code
    Lots of techniques here, but from time to time I still end up having to print everywhere šŸ˜€
  • Decide on the best way to give TTS
    Text can appear at multiple places. Where should I put it to maximize simplicity? What if there’s no where suitable?
  • Deal with problems
    All sorts.
    For example, the reason I failed to find text in Dragon History last week, was because I didn’t open the right file. (I looked at dragons instead of draci ). It’s a particularly easy cause, not common (Definitely not!!!), but should explain my point.

Which part is most difficult? I think all four parts listed could be the most difficult. It really depends on the game.
(Yes, for CGE, the task wasn’t complicated. The most difficult part for me was to learn to use the left click)

That was the break down for observable tasks. There is more to the full picture

Psychologically, there are two challenges

  • Deciding what is acceptable
    Although I’m not the one that decides the criteria of acceptance, it’s still up to me to decide when is the time to commit.
    So a lot of times I have something that is working, but not satisfying. Then I work on it but have no progress.
  • Showing up everyday
    I figured that the best way to avoid not showing up consecutively 2 days, is to show up everyday, so that I wouldn’t have to remember which day did I show up.

These two challenges are closely related. Showing up is easier when I expect progress.
However, I would tell myself that whether it’s hard or easy, it’s only going to be finished if I start working

Well, quite true.

My job this week consists of two parts

One is to give TTS to games I am relatively new to (Supernova, Dragon History, Beneath A Steal Sky)
One is to look at the games I have worked on for 1-2 months and open PRs for them (DW, SCI)

Here are some updates

Dreamweb (DW)Ā ā€“ Ready for review
(Last Week’s Status: Iā€™m hoping to wrap-up and make it ready for review in a day or two.)

Laura Bow 2 (LB2)Ā ā€“ “Ready” to open PR
(Last Week’s Status: Iā€™m hoping to test again and open the PR with Castle of Dr. Brain

Castle of Dr. Brain (DB)Ā ā€“ “Ready” to open PR
(Last Week’s Status: Iā€™m hoping to fix a TTS problem and then open the PR

Well, I was hoping I could do that before going to sleep, until I remembered that I have complicated branch issues that I forgot to solve. I’ll make it a priority tomorrow.

Mission Supernova, Dragon History, BASS ā€“ Progess. You don’t want the details.

During the weekend, I actually learned how to host a WordPress site. From buying a domain to installing themes etc.

This makes me really appreciate having this blog right out of the box without hassle šŸ˜›

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