CLI tools converted

Since my last post, I’ve gained SVN access and been busy working on converting all command line tools, although I had some slowdowns (partly due to last week being graduation week for many of my friends, and partly due to sneaking in some work on the GUI).  But now the task is finally complete, with the possible exception of the mandatory bugs from such a large rewrite.

I had some issues, both with my computer (the harddrive died half way through the week) and clumsiness on my part, as I missed a few files when commiting, and even lost one completely. Forcing an unfortunte hour or two spent doing the same work all over again. But it’s all over now.

Most of the tools also still lack thorough testing, something I will be doing in tandem with developing the GUI, as testing them will be much more durable with a nice front end.

If you’re interested in the changes to the tools, it’s most noticeable through looking at the README.  Just compare the old with the new.  The change in the examples is quite appearant. But still the the one tool to rule them all is still missing (which will be the same as the GUI tool, accepting command line arguments).

While working on the CLI, I’ve also been strating with some work on the GUI, and I’ll soon follow up with a post (and a commit) on how it looks.