GSOC is over

The GSOC coding period is now officially over, and the tool(s) are pretty much done too so. Only bugfixes left to be done, and still testing is an issue.

I’ve been plagued by disease since friday unfortunetly, and been suffering debilitating  canker sores, which hurt LIKE HELL, tensed up so bad I got headaches and whatnot and got some medication which kills all feeling in my throat. So I’ve spent most of my time sleeping (which was the best cure according to my doctor). This means I’ve not been able to get as much done as I’d hoped.

There have been some minor changes in the GUI the past week, and  several bugfixes. Fingolfin helped out with Mac OSX gui, which was very helpful since it’s hard to design UI for a platform you’ve never used ;).

The first page has changed look to include a few buttons with the activities, rather than the checkboxes (note that this is not final yet however), also note the helpful ‘help’ button:

Also, the About dialog has been improved upon, with a much better look:

In part due to my downtime the last five days, I’ll probably continue to submit patches during the coming week (and after that maybe?).