No SVN, but working hard!

Despite my lack of SVN activitity, which is due to the fact that _sev (the administrator) is on vacation and cannot give me access yet. But still I’ve been working hard, although my progress might have been delayed alittle by the excellent weather, but there’s nothing but rain coming up for the weekend so…

Conversion of most of the extraction tools are done now, only some bugs to sort out, and today I started working on the compression tools. I planned to finish the extraction tools rewrites by Monday, and as it looks right now I might overshoot that by a few days, however, after that I’ll start with the GUI, which is much more fun in my opinion, especially when writing original code, and as such naturally develops faster. ?

Once the GUI is working, I’ll make sure to post some screens for you to see, as I guess most won’t feel motivated to compile it themselves.