Fever and GUI

Unfortunetly, I’ve been sick for the last few days (fever etc.), which has slowed down my progress alittle. But I’ll recover it tomorrow! I still managed to do the first commit with some GUI yesterday. Which cheered me up since the GUI is actually the primary goal (no matter how much fun CLI is *cough cough*) this summer.

This is how it looks now, with my background in the background:

I took the banner from the ScummVM site, I hope the creator doesn’t mind. It looks good after all!

As a piece of trivia, I can say that the line between the content area and the buttons were by far the most time consuming, since I couldn’t figure out how to position it correctly (with the text) to not make it grow in ugly ways. wxSizers can be tricky sometimes. ?

There already is a system in place to go back and forth between the pages (there is another page to choose game to compress for, nothing for extraction (commited) so far).  However, I’m not entirely pleased with it since it requires the current page to know which page preceded it, it would be better if the pages were entirely modular and could be moved around. Which could be accomplished through some C++ template + inheritence trickery (basically, make a base class with a virtual method that returns a WizardPage *, and overload the method with a template subclass).

Going to sleep now to shake of the last remants of the fever. Goodnight!

CLI tools converted

Since my last post, I’ve gained SVN access and been busy working on converting all command line tools, although I had some slowdowns (partly due to last week being graduation week for many of my friends, and partly due to sneaking in some work on the GUI).  But now the task is finally complete, with the possible exception of the mandatory bugs from such a large rewrite.

I had some issues, both with my computer (the harddrive died half way through the week) and clumsiness on my part, as I missed a few files when commiting, and even lost one completely. Forcing an unfortunte hour or two spent doing the same work all over again. But it’s all over now.

Most of the tools also still lack thorough testing, something I will be doing in tandem with developing the GUI, as testing them will be much more durable with a nice front end.

If you’re interested in the changes to the tools, it’s most noticeable through looking at the README.  Just compare the old with the new.  The change in the examples is quite appearant. But still the the one tool to rule them all is still missing (which will be the same as the GUI tool, accepting command line arguments).

While working on the CLI, I’ve also been strating with some work on the GUI, and I’ll soon follow up with a post (and a commit) on how it looks.

No SVN, but working hard!

Despite my lack of SVN activitity, which is due to the fact that _sev (the administrator) is on vacation and cannot give me access yet. But still I’ve been working hard, although my progress might have been delayed alittle by the excellent weather, but there’s nothing but rain coming up for the weekend so…

Conversion of most of the extraction tools are done now, only some bugs to sort out, and today I started working on the compression tools. I planned to finish the extraction tools rewrites by Monday, and as it looks right now I might overshoot that by a few days, however, after that I’ll start with the GUI, which is much more fun in my opinion, especially when writing original code, and as such naturally develops faster. ?

Once the GUI is working, I’ll make sure to post some screens for you to see, as I guess most won’t feel motivated to compile it themselves.