Week 10 – Working on WAGE III

Work on WAGE continues this week too. I started by writing some test games which rendered multiple different shapes in different styles so I could get ScummVM to match the original as close as possible.

A common problem with all shapes was how thick borders were handled. The border was supposed to to increase in width equally on both sides of the shape’s edge but it didn’t which made the shapes larger than they should have been. This was easy to fix and I did it for all the shapes.

Now to discuss the individual shapes. Rects had the same problem as before with being a pixel longer on the right and bottom so that had to fixed.

For Polygons the way the line was being drawn didn’t match the original perfectly. ScummVM uses the Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm for drawing lines but mini vMac either uses something else or is changing the end points of the line… There’s a difference of a pixel here and there in the lines which is minor but visible, specially at certain slopes.

For ovals there was another problem with the borders. The thickness had to be uniform throughout the perimeter so I had to change that. And again a similar problem as with the polygons where some lines didn’t quite match.

Now to deal with the individual game bugs. Most of the are resolved and right now I only have 2 more left to deal with. I hope those don’t take much time as I have already spent quite a bit of time on WAGE and would like to move to the next engine.

That’s it for this week and thanks for reading!

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