Week 9 – Working on WAGE II

Another week spent on working on WAGE and I am getting closer to finishing up.

Continuing the issue with the font from last week, we decided to just hardcode the correct font as the game might have been using a different version of the engine with different behavior.

After that I worked on implementing the about screen. Different games do different font types, sizes, alignment, etc. so I just went with a general center aligned screen. It took some time to get the alignment working properly but I managed to do that.

There were a bunch of game specific bugs left to deal with, 24 to be exact so I started working on them one by one. There wasn’t much in terms of how I solved them and the process was to just set some breakpoints in places related to the bug and see what’s going wrong.

To fix them I had to implement some game specific fixes but I think it’s the only way as they all might have used a slightly different version of the engine.

The only notable task from these fixes was to add more resolution options to WAGE. Originally it was hardcoded to run at 512×342 but now it also supports 800×600 and 1024×768. This was necessary to support some games which needed larger windows.

Currently there are 13 tasks left and most of them fall under the category of “Ignored bytes while rendering” and “Unhandled comparisons while executing the script”. I don’t have a good idea of why these are caused but so far I haven’t found any difference in the behavior in the Original vs ScummVM so they might be harmless after all. I’ll look more into them and that should be the last I have to do.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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