Week 11 – Finishing WAGE and PINK

After last week’s blog post I opened the PR for both WAGE and PINK to get them reviewed. Let’s start with PINK:

For PINK there was a regression caused by a later commit which broke some things. The problem was that the window mode wasn’t being set and the fix was really easy. A bigger problem was the Hebrew text wasn’t being rendered properly. It has been there from the start but I never noticed it because I can’t read it.

The text is reversed and the borders are broken

Thanks to discord user rzil for the help with the hebrew text. It was kinda hard dealing with text you can’t read and it being an RTL language just made things more annoying. What I ended up having to do was to render the text in reverse order and that was enough to fix it.


With this PINK was done and it got merged.

WAGE spent quite some time in review. The first major issue was Engine code being called from inside Graphics. Another issue was with how I had solved some game specific issues. I had implemented some game specific hacks but a general solution was desirable.

Most of the issues were caused because of how object click detection was implemented. In the current system, each object had it’s own screen to draw on. To detect clicks, ScummVM would just see if something was drawn at that pixel. This was however too precise because the original game seemed to count any click inside the bounding box of the object. I rewrote the object detection code to work like that and it fixed all issues.

There was also a problem with how the bounds of the objects were calculated. Fixing that fixed the issues with cropped bitmaps.

Some formatting issues needed to be fixed too but after that WAGE finally got merged. However there are still some things which need to be addressed. Some functions were stubbed (not implemented) so I worked on those. There’s are some some TODOs from the original JAVA implementation which need to be looked at.

And that’s where I am right now.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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