ResidualVM: Week 6

Not much update this week. The conversation log menu is still under review at this point, but it should be merged very soon.
The recent plan is to finish some small things left that are related to all the newly implemented menus. I have included all of them in the project on ResidualVM’s GitHub page. Right now I have finished implementing two of them:
Task 1: Improve the debug console. Basically, this is a task about fixing issues. There is a debug console, which I have shown in week 1, provided in ResidualVM’s The Longest Journey, where a number of commands are provided for users to look at the game’s data and probably mess up with it. In the previous implementation, the console will crash if the user types improper commands in improper locations. Fixing this is not that hard, just add a bunch of checking beforehand and you are done with it.
Task 2: Add the version info text in the main menu. The lacking of the version info text was aware of weeks ago. I just want to tackle it later, and it’s right to do so since now, with the previous experience, I am crystal clear about how to deal with this: the “VERSION INFO HERE” widget is used for the text, so I just need to access its RenderEntry, get the VisualText it contains, and reset the text, plus twisting the position. It took me some time to think of a way to display the copyright symbol ©, but the rest is a piece of cake.
The Version Info Text
Before I wrote this blog I opened the pull request for the debug console and I intended to do the same for the version info one, but in order to avoid potential conflict, I created those two branches based on the branch of the conversation log menu, which hasn’t been merged yet, so the commit history of both of them is not clean and they will be rebased soon after the merging. I don’t like putting things that I deem unclean here. Anyway, if you are interested in the development, feel free to take a look at my GitHub.
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