ResidualVM: Summary

This is the summary of all the works I have done in Google Summer of Code 2018.
Overall Description:
Improvement for the Stark engine used in ResidualVM for the support of the game The Longest Journey with two main focuses: menus and characters’ shadows.
Pull Requests:
Below are the main PR created and merged, ordered by the sequence of development. One may click the number of the PR to view it in detail on GitHub, which contains discussions between me and my mentor along the development.
#1415: Implementing the main menu.

#1417: Implementing the settings menu.

#1422: Implementing the save & load menu.
#1442: Implementing the video replay in the Diary menu.
#1443: Implementing the diary pages in the Diary menu.

#1450: Implementing the conversation log in the Diary menu.
#1456: Improving the debug console of the game.
#1467: Implementing the version info text and the Book of Secrets in the main menu.
#1468: Implementing a rough version of confirmation dialogs.
#1474: Implementing the keyboard bindings.
#1483: Implementing the characters’ shadows.
Current Status:
The two main focuses: menus and characters’ shadows are finished as scheduled. All codes have been merged and one may test and use them freely in the game.

Other than that, there are some issues, which is out of expectation, emerged during the development. The feature of pressing F8 to save a screenshot is not implemented for the time being. The confirmation dialogs are still pretty rough. Also, there are some proposed GitHub issues related to the engine, most are about the debug console. I have planned to tackle them after GSoC and I will keep engaging in the future development of ResidualVM to help further improve the Stark engine.