ResidualVM: Let’s get started

Well, I didn’t expect that making a blog will take my whole afternoon away. Making a good look on Blogger is really not that easy. I think I need to better strengthen my skill of choosing typefaces…
Ok, not the time for nonsense. So, I am going to take my first Google Summer of Code project. As a long lover of game programming and development, I am so happy that I got accepted in the project of ResidualVM, a 3D game interpreter for old PC games. I don’t have actual game programming experience before and now I finally got the chance to see and feel (and potentially mess with) an actual game engine. I am really excited about what will I experience in the coming three months of working.
Well, for the project, I am going to further improve and develop the Stark engine within ResidualVM, which is the game engine for interpreting the game The Longest Journey. To complete the project, I am going to implement the game menus and the shadow feature. The menus part doesn’t seem to be that difficult, apart from keeping further reading the codes, while implementing the shadow may be a challenge since I just have so so so so so little knowledge about computer graphics. But no matter, I am ready for challenges. Besides, I got the news that the teacher teaching computer graphics in my university is terrible so for the sake of my GPA, I am going to learn computer graphics on my own anyway. Isn’t it a great way to learn through taking part in a real project? What? Just don’t learn computer graphic? Is that an option for a game developer?
I can foresee a busy summer is coming. Apart from GSoC, I also have an internship in the IT division of Consumer Council in Hong Kong, and it also lasts for three months. But that’s great, really. I have had two boring-to-hell summers before, so time to have some changes. Besides, I get PAID, from both of them. What can inspire people better than a bunch of money? Two bunches of money of course. Am I being too honest here? But hey, I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I can get valuable experience and get paid at the same time. Isn’t that great?
Wow, I have written so much… It is so easy for me to write too much… Ok, last thing. What shall I do to prepare my first journey of GSoC?
  1. Make a blog, checked.
  2. Make the Github repository, checked.
  3. Buy a book for OpenGL reference, on its way.
  4. Get bounding with the community, here I go!
Better keeps moving, ’cause wonderful things are happening!

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