Lighting comparisons

I submitted¬†a pull request for lighting in EMI. I’m currently well ahead of my GSoC schedule, so I now have some time for ironing out any last remaining issues related to animation and lighting implementation before moving on to post mid-term tasks. See¬†my roadmap on the ResidualVM wiki.

Regarding lighting, I spent some time trying to figure out the FASTDYN lighting mode I discussed briefly in the previous post, but I wasn’t able to replicate the look of the the original. The FASTDYN lighting seems less precise and was probably used only for performance optimization, so I decided it wasn’t really worth it to spend more time on it. Modern machines can handle the more accurate per-vertex lighting calculations for all actors just fine, and at least to my eye the results look better.

Here are a few more comparison shots, this time without any cheating. Original on the left, ResidualVM on the right.

Mr. Cheese uses the FASTDYN lighting mode in the original, so minor differences can be seen above.

The lawyers use FASTDYN mode. There also seems to be a ResidualVM-specific bug visible here, the lawyers are missing their eyes!

The voodoo lady uses FASTDYN mode which causes minor differences. The lack of head turning is also quite distracting here. I’ll work on that after the GSoC mid-term.