Accepted to GSoC 2014!

I will be participating Google Summer of Code this year! My project will be about improving ResidualVM‘s support for Escape from Monkey Island (EMI).

My main goals will be to improve the animations, lighting and sound in ResidualVM’s implementation of the EMI engine. If all goes well, I also hope to be able to spend some time on improving compatibility with the PlayStation 2 version of EMI.

I’ve contributed a number of patches to ResidualVM previously, but the EMI part of the engine is mostly new for me. In order to familiarize myself with the engine, I chose to work on a couple of animation issues that I noticed while playing the game.

My first pull request for EMI implements some missing functionality related to starting and stopping animations, and fixes interpolation between animation frames. Due to the latter change, animations now appear much smoother than before.

The next step will be to implement animation blending. This will improve transitions between different animations.

Being able to participate in GSoC is a unique opportunity, and I.’m very grateful for being accepted. This will be a really exciting summer for me. Now, let’s get started!