Quick Update: 13 days into coding period

Although I would prefer updating on every Tuesday, I figured that today (Sunday) is a good day because I need to think about next steps again, so why not spend time documenting instead.

Recent progress. Including but NOT limited to…..

– Learned how to modify previous commit with git
This includes editing the message, committed files, and files to commit. Awesome lesson by criezy. I use git rebase -i everyday now.
Other lessons on Github do apply.

– Where is the variable that defines if the game is on CD or floppy version
Kesha told me it was on dreamweb.h stored as a boolean. Because of this message, I not only can do work for dreamweb, but also, I knew that I had to find the variable in sci.cpp

– Functions that are used to draw text are usually cluster together
So I made some progress on Laurabow2 today. Yea!

– .h and .cpp files work together, so make sure to update them both
It should be obvious but …..

Lots to learn.

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