Looking Forward to Week 4

Another week is coming, and I don’t ever seem to find the right time to do documentation. Partly because it always seems that time is better spent on coding (or finding variables) so everything is on progress.

In the notion of “something is better than nothing”, here are a few lines to keep track of what I did in the past and what I should document better in the future

– CGE: Yesterday was great, because I did all of the essentials of TTS for Soltys within a very short period of time (1 hour) (Took over a month for Griffon to reach that point). I started out just wanting to spend a little more time on the project, and wasn’t expecting this.
– SCI: Also implemented the TTS code of LB2 to LB1 and DrBrain, which was fairly satisfying. I’m really happy about trimming down the code that handles repeated text in options in LB2 step by step and making it simple.
– DW: Finished UTF-8 encoding for bibles quotes across different languages. Did you know that x is NOT equal to х and y is NOT the same as у on VScode? I have guessed but did not realize they actually looked identical to me (Planning to find out more about Russian in the future)

These are the 3 engines I plan to finish before coding evaluation week. Getting to this stage of completion is easier than the next part. Taking deep breaths.

Outside of the world of coding, on Friday something gave me the idea of buying an iPad, and being susceptible to such ideas, I dived to research what is the best to buy. As a result, this weekend I went through a lot more YouTube videos than usual, probably more than all the videos I have watched through the whole 2021.

A noticeable side effect on this was that YouTube videos showed the spectacular workspace set ups for people who code / work a lot in from of a computer.

At first, they sometimes make me feel less satisfied with what I already have. Thinking again, about when I was 13-15, and there were lots of times when I had to study as the whole class was making noise that throws up the ceiling, and I had it figured out that when it comes to studying, it doesn’t matter where one is trapped, as long as there is a desk, pen and pencil case, and materials for learning.

The same thing should apply to everything else as well. Given that I am actually working at a pretty nice set up if I don’t compare with anyone else.

Most importantly. Although the task is sometimes hard and devastating to me. My conscious does believe that it’s actually not that hard compared to REAL developing and particularly, what other ScummVM students are working on.

So tomorrow is a new day, and we will see it through.

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